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About HealthyNuLving

Welcome To HealthyNuLiving

We represent a 'New Beginning' for the Affiliate Marketer who wants to take his or her current business and lifestyle to the highest level. In general, it does not matter what opportunity you are involved with, you will always need to have two essential things:
1) Effective, easy-to-use business-building tools, systems, training and support to ensure steady and robust growth and high-demand consumable products.
2) Steady and growing cash flow not only to help you to effectively reach the best prospects for your business (advertising & promotion) but also to help you upgrade your lifestyle as your business grows.
As part of the FOUNDATION of what will be an amazing adventure you have the rare opportunity NOW to build not one but two income sources like no other ever seen before. This is where you want to be before the masses discover what you've just found
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How It Works?

Join HealthyNuLiving Today! Come inside and we'll show you Exactly what we are doing to create Success and Income with our system. We have Everything You need to Get Started TODAY!

What We DO at HealthyNuLiving?

We Represent a 'New Beginning'!

There is no need to let the big stores make all the money without you having the opportunity to be with a group to refer others and make up to a life-changing income and save money by restricting your purchases to our very low-cost, high-quality discount products.

It's YOUR Turn to Experience a Healthier NuLiving!

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Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

HealthyNuLiving, LLC is a privately owned, debt-free company organized under Texas, USA law. It was founded in June 2019. The owners have a combined 40 years of experience owning, operating and belonging to direct sales endeavors. This has given them the financial resources to develop and launch HealthyNuLiving with the goal to make it one of the premier Direct Sales Companies in the industry.

The co-owner Eva Simone, Wisconsin resident, has owned and operated a successful personal care salon business and has been very successful with her Direct Sales companies. John Dierksmier, a Texas resident, is a Business Administration graduate in the field of computer programming and has worked many years in that capacity. He has owned, operated and sold direct sales companies as he prepared to launch this crown jewel of his career.

HealthyNuLiving Affiliate Business-Builder cost is $39.95 monthly which includes a redeemable $25 Voucher Code to purchase any product of your choice.

We are able to accept credit card payments, worldwide, for the products to the countries we ship to.

You can also pay using our coinpayments account. (bitcoin, LiteCoin and Tron). Make sure that your payment, after fees, is not less than $39.95 for your monthly Affiliate Business Building Amount if needed. Suggestion, get 3 Affiliates for whom you receive a total of $15.00/month for each so that you never need to pay monthly.

Yes, but Affiliate Members also received monthly Discounted Credits for all products which could add to big savings. Both Free and Affiliate Members can order on a monthly subscription and get a huge 33% additional discount. However, a Free member cannot sponsor others or earn any commissions.

After the 10 day grace period and late notice letters, in agreement with the HNL terms and conditions, your account will be converted to Free Member. You will keep all of the discount ordering benefits of a Free Member. You will forfeit any account balances and lose your position in the 2x10 matrix. You will have no downline or anyone that you might have sponsored.

You can ask that your Free Membership be canceled if you wish. This would allow you to rejoin under any HNL Affiliate. If you are an Affiliate and send in a termination request you should withdraw any balances over $39.95 prior to your request or they will be forfeited. Balances under $39.95 will be forfeited.

Compression is done weekly. Depending on datetime stamp of activation and any holes in your upline linkage, your spillover affiliates may change. Sometimes you see more in your 2x10 and sometimes fewer. You always see your line of Affiliate sponsorship if you have continuously been an Affiliate and not gone free and paid again. Placement is all about the Date Time stamp of activation.

Our 2x10 matrix will pay a full $5,150/month because spill helps fill each line from top to bottom. During compression, the placement of any spill under your from upline sponsors is placed under you before your personal sponsorships if the spill has an earlier date time stamp.

Affiliates have 10 days to reactivate or get their account balance to over $30 before their position is marked as free. If they are at zero and sponsor 2 that is $30.00 added to their account balance. If they get $150 of product ordering that is 20%x$150 = $30.

When you select a product, see the subscription option to save 33%. After you subscribe, if you need to make changes to your subscription or cancel, see the tab on every product page that says: Click here to manage an existing subscription order. The website that comes up has several option tabs. You can cancel and reorder another product that sets up another date for that product or group of products.

You can set up multiple individual item subscriptions at any time. The repeat orders would be in different shipments. Or you could cancel a subscription and regroup the products you want in a new one for a new order and then it would repeat in one shipment.

If you make a mistake and order the wrong item you can login and cancel it within about one hour. After that, in most cases, it has been put in the mail system and cannot be retrieved. When you get it, send in a ticket why you are returning and get instructions on where to mail it back for a credit. Or just regift it or sell it to a friend and order the correct product. If you have opened it, and don’t want it, just say why and follow the same procedures for a credit.

Amounts will be credited according to the plan: $15.00 Fast Start Bonus (First Month only), Matrix and the 20% commission for orders made by free and Affiliate members. Matrix and Matching Bonus will accumulate with the monthly renewals with no sponsorship required.

Withdraw amounts over $20 daily when you have 2 active Affiliates. Refer 2 Affiliates and qualify for 50% Match of the matrix of personally sponsored Affiliates. Refer 4 and qualify for 100% Match of the matrix of personally sponsored Affiliates.

Most Affiliates meet their $39.95/month Affiliate Building Bonus Requirement in 30 days by their account balance growing by sharing the products and team growth. To make sure that they are covered so they don't lose their position, some Affiliates deposit $39.95 or more in their balance so that the automatic system will keep their position active until they are making money by being active.

There is no automatic credit card subscription with the ABBR.

When you click on withdrawal you will receive an email from HNL with an application request link. That will open up a form that has your name and email "hardcoded". Fill out the form and select submit. You will receive confirmation in a few hours that you can login and manage your pay quicker profile. You can connect your Pay Quicker account to your bank to send funds to your bank. Within a few hours, you will see your requested funds in your Pay Quicker account. The visa credit card takes about 8 days to arrive.

When you select your 1st withdrawal, you receive a Pay Quicker account application. You can withdraw all commissions except $39.95 is held to pay for next month’s Affiliate Business Building Requirement. If you are short, you will need to pay manually with your credit card. You will receive a reminder, so you don’t lose your position in the Matrix or downline. You can withdraw balances over $39.95 on a daily basis. There is a small withdrawal fee to operate the system.

When you click on withdrawal you will be providing your email that you want us to use to have Pay Quicker send you an application to create your account. The Visa Debit Card takes about 8 days to arrive. While you are waiting for the card, you can link your bank account to your debit card to transfer money.

To keep stability in our system, you must wait until your Affiliate position is changed to a free position. This occurs - 10 days after the grace period of your renewal time. Then you can ask that your Free position be deleted and then you can rejoin under your new sponsor. If you have $39.95 or over in your balance, you must alert us so we will need to manually keep your position from renewing and place that $39.95 into your new position when you set it up. If less than $39.95 that is kept by the company as an administrative cost.

If you have any downline by sponsorship or free sponsored members, they will be left with your old team and the company.

No. But other members of the family over 18 may join if they have their own credit card or are an authorized use on that family credit card with their name on their own card. We only allow one credit card owned by the member who is signing up. No multiple memberships on the same credit card.

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