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Optimize Earth (OE)


HealthyNUliving has united with Optimize Earth to create a Pre-Build System that will allow you and your referrals to join the new Network Marketing opportunity. This is a free system build with integrity and tools to help you get the ball rolling.


When your HealthyNUliving account is created you will receive your own Marketing System, which includes your own personal copy of this website and more.


OE offers Harmonic Energy and Technology Enhanced -Products. 

First there were Pharmaceuticals that changed the way we address the healing process. Then there were Nutraceuticals that leveraged nature's natural healing remedies. NOW there are Enerceuticals, a medium of energy creating a total bioenergetic ( energy transformations) creating stabilization and balance. Which is  supporting to  the delivery of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical benefits.
We are able to create a state of well-being that has redefined the idea of total wellness. 
Optimize Earth is a ten year old US based company,offering Harmonic Energy Technology Enhanced Products and Enhanced Product Lines.

Initial Products

With OE it all starts with an idea, and rest assured there are more than enough ideas to keep OE developing products and product lines for generations to come.
Launching its MLM division with Enerceutical CBD, Daily Vitamins, Breath Fresh, Chocolate-Covered Expresso Beans, Almonds, Cashews, Music Downloads, USB Power Cards, Enerceutical Jewelry, Apparel, Edibles, Pet Lines, Plant Lines, and much more.

Compensation Plan


OE Pay Plan provides a strong incentive that encourages our members to put some effort into referring and helping others grow and earn income. As a qualified Associate, you will earn 50% Fast-Start Bonuses Paid Out WEEKLY on ALL personal referrals initial Membership purchase.


You will get paid great commissions based on all product purchases made by those you invite...and those they invite...and those they invite...50% on 3 levels (30%, 15% & 5%) of your organization plus Infinity and Executive Revenue Sharing Bonuses.


Put Your 'Pre-Judgement' Fears Aside...We have Effectively Taken Away "The Pain Barrier!"

No extra start up cost (just consume the products you want).
No steep learning levels required.
No hoops or hurdles to overcome.
No fancy & confusing BV, CV or 'TV' qualifications needed.
No left leg/right leg balancing act to figure out.
No $100 /150 crazy monthly subscriptions.
No need to go outside your comfort zone.


With us you can experience the difference, and accelerate your journey to greater wellness and a thriving business.



Store One





Your life has been put in danger by the very environment you live in – It’s time to take back control


Store Two





Our pets have to live in the same hostile environment that we do – but they have no say in it


Store Three





Plants fight to live in polluted air, contaminated soil and electrosmog – they want to thrive too


Latest News

HealthyNUliving Update...Pre-Launch Details
  As announced on our last update, we have join forces with a 10 year old US based company launching their own division of Enerceuticals and Bioenergetic industry to the MLM world.   OE owns their own manufacturer, they've their own Fulfillment Center, over 20 years of experience.   We've updated the website, banners, splash pages and will continue enhancing it a little more next week. This pre-launch system will be use  not only by us but for everyone OE has lined up so we are expecting  mass growth in the next couple of weeks. So, we recommend you start  lining up your leaders.  Here is a little more bit info about OE product line.  In this modern day there is more concern about being bombarded wi... 
Exciting Announcement
  We hope you and your loved ones find themselves safe  and healthy.  Get out your Rolodex and Contact List...Call Friends,Family Members...ANYONE and get them to join you  as soon as possible.      GAME CHANGER We are going to join forces with a 10 year old US based company launching their own division of Enerceuticals and bioenergetic industry.   Because of the magnitude of this opportunity we partner  with the company and decided to convert our website into a Pre-Launch Builder for a few weeks until the Launch in June.      LIFE CHANGING PRODUCTS   Enerceutical CBD, Daily Vitamins, Breath Fresh,  Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans, Almonds,  Cashews, Music Dow... 

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